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I was completely taken advantage of by the Saratoga Veterinary Hospital on Route 9 in Saratoga Springs, New York this past August 2011.I should say my cat and myself were taken advantage of.

They actually gave me the hope that he would survive if I let them take care of him for five days and then take him home to continue with the IV treatments. $1188.00 later and two days after bringing him home he died. He just kept getting worse and they kept telling me I had to continue the treatments in order for him to get better. He was my child, my life for 17 years, he was a family member.

They made me believe that if I paid for five days of treatment and continued with paying for treatments given at home that he would improve and he died two days after I brought him home. He suffered for seven days, five of which were not at home with me, where he could be comfortable and happy, but in this dungenous, dirty vet hospital with uncompassionate vets. He died unnecessarily and in an unnecessary manner. To make matters worse they are charging me for this and sending me to a collection agency within two months of my cats death for the remainder of what I hadn't paid on the bill yet.

I've paid over $700 so far and they have the nerve to send me to a collection agency. Not to mention the fact that they basically led to my cats untimely death in my opinion. These people should have their license taken away. No way anyone with the zero compassion these people have should be treating animals.

You know you're going to deal with people like that where human medical is concerned and we can handle that. But our pets rely on us to help them and be compassionate toward them and these Vets at Saratoga Veterinary Hospital have none of that, no compassion or ethics at all. Please, if you value your family pets at all, never ever take them to this horrible place.

Take them down the road to a wonderful place, Upstate Animal Hospital, where they are compassionate and don't charge you just to make money off your family pet.Saratoga Veterinary Hospital should be shut down!

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